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Are You a Therapist, a Coach, or a CEO?

If you’re a regular reader here, then you’ve already learned about staying faithful through the challenges of a start-up coaching business, narrowing down your niche, the core benefits of coaching packages, letting go of limiting money beliefs in your business, and...

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Did You Realize You Could do THIS While Coaching?

I Bet You Didn’t Realize You Could do THIS While Coaching... As a psychotherapist, you’ve been well-trained to keep a healthy, respectable distance from your private practice clients. You’ve been taught to see your work through the uniform lense of the medical model....

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Letting go of Limiting Money Beliefs in Your Coaching Business

What should psychotherapists charge for coaching services? You’ve decided to have faith in your business. You’ve studied the differences between coaching and psychotherapy. You’ve narrowed down your niche. You’ve made headway in your market research, and….. Finally!...

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